Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Teenage Stride - Creep Academy 7"

FCR002 has just rolled off the presses, and it's a doozy! My Teenage Stride brings us a double A-side single - two tracks taken from their very successful series of online singles put out through iTunes and eMusic. Creep Academy hits with a nice dose of psych, a herky jerky rhythm, and a fantastic chorus hook that will leave you singing "Too old to die young" in the shower. The flip-side, Cast Your Own Shadow, grooves and soothes with a nice organ melody, building and releasing intensity the whole while. First pressing of 500 on black vinyl. Just $6.00 through Paypal with shipping inside the USA included!

Oxford Collapse - Bits LP

The inaugural release from Flea Circus Records is the Oxford Collapse's "Bits" LP - the vinyl edition of the fine album put out by Sub Pop records up in the northwest corner of the country. With favorable reviews from Pitchfork and a spot on the "Staff Picks" list by Insound.com, Bits has shaped up to be a monster indie-rock album.

One-time pressing of 500 copies!